Access control systems can help your business increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by enabling integration with a large variety of workforce products and solutions. With its top notch proprietary algorithm and cutting-edge technology, Fastrack Technologies has set the international benchmark in user-friendly fingerprint/facial recognition for access control and time and attendance. Comprising of a range of intelligent terminals/controllers and management software, OUR Access Control Solution addresses the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises, and replaces conventional keys and passwords with fingerprints, face recognition and RF cards for improved convenience and security. Whether you’re in the healthcare, hospitality, banking, education or finance industry, you can rely on us for everything – from a simple single door access solution in a storeroom, to a large business solution with hundreds of access areas



One must always consider installing and repairing an electric fence when living in unsecure area. Electric fence can be view as first level of security for your house and company. Fastrack technologies will always provide you with the best expertise with all your electric fence problem.



We do Installation and Maintenance of your various CCTV CAMERA.

The  are endless CCTV system available knowers days, rest assure that fastrack technologies  have the expertise to advise you on the adequate system for your business, estate etc.



We install, repair and service any motors gate and intercom systems. Our service is efficient fast and reliable. We recommend quality and reliable motor gates for our customer. A good gate with a good technicians give you peace of mine.